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MacRieve - Kresley Cole I had an interesting relationship with this book. It's like cotton candy, once I started in on it I couldn't put it down. But it wasn't very satisfying, and the more I think about it, the less satisfying it becomes.

Number one, I never pay attention to the covers of books, because I read everything on kindle, and rarely see the covers. But MacRieve and his twin brother are called Hot and Hotter. I do not get that from the cover at all.

Two, I read the reviews ahead of time, and wasn't as squicked out about the sexual abuse at the start of the novel, but didn't like it much.

Three, there really was no action to speak of, mostly angst about the hero/heroine getting together.

and the ending, was really a wtf moment.

Unless Nix is going to feature prominently, in the next novel, I think this series may have run its course.