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Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, #12) - Charlaine Harris Disclaimer here. I've always loved vampires, read Anne Rice a million years ago. But the Sookie Stackhouse series was the first series I read that got me on my current urban fantasy kick. That being said, I am probably a less harsh reviewer of this series than of other, newer authors who I have less time involved with. (But I have given up on other authors, LKH, so I am not a complete doormat!)

I always love the chance to visit with Sookie in her world. This installment in her life was no different. Please read the book synopsis if you want to know the storyline.

What I liked, although in a teeth gritting kind of way, is Sookie learning to stand on her own with Eric. There are things going on here which many people predict she will not have her HEA with Eric. And I am okay with that, because he doesn't seem to drop much to be with her. I really enjoyed the story, up until Sookie's birthday, and then some things happened which made me feel sorry for Sookie, so I didn't quite enjoy it as much, but I did feel emotion. And that's what I am looking for in a good story - an emotional connection with the characters.

And ps. I think I figured out who her HEA will be with!