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Her Own Devices (Magnificent Devices #2) - Shelley Adina Definition of a 5 star review - stayed up late reading it. I liked the second installment in this series even better than the first, which has been a real problem for me lately. I mostly like the world building you get in the first book of a series, and find the second lagging. Definitely not the case here.

What I found most engaging about this story, is Lady Claire doing what she needs to do to make her way in the world. She is still caring for the orphans, but starts working for Andrew Malvern to get experience and a recommendation for her to be accepted into Engineering school. I love the fleshing out of the side characters, and the challenges she faces along the way. I even enjoyed her sideways turn into being engaged to be married, and finding that sometimes compromise and sacrifice are necessary to be a member of society, if that is what one desires. I really liked that the bad characters, were not necessarily completely evil, just people who were either misinformed or making their way in society to the best of their ability.

Cannot wait for the next one in October!