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Moonglow - Kristen Callihan I really enjoyed the second book in the Darkest London series, only slightly less than the first in the series. There are two different leads, Ian Ranulf and Daisy Craigmore, both of whom appeared in the first book. (Daisy is Miranda's sister).

Lots of plot points, but essentially there is a werewolf loose in London, and he has attacked Daisy. Ian takes it upon himself to protect her and track down the werewolf, since he is a Lycan himself.

I really enjoy the world building, and the supernatural types we are introduced to, including GIM's, which were kind of steampunkish. And I really liked the two leads as well.

There were two things that happened near the end, that were quite surprising. The identity of the werewolf, as well as something that happened to Daisy, both of which I wish had been delved into more.