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The Greyfriar (Vampire Empire, #1) - Clay Griffith,  Susan Griffith I really enjoyed this book. The first 1/4 got off to rather a slow start, but other than that I can find no fault with this story. The basic plotline is that vampires essentially came out of the closet 150 years before this story is set. And they decimated the human population, and pushed almost all of human civilization to be leaving near the equator (because vampires don't like the heat)

Our heroine Adele, is the daughter of the Emperor of Equatoria, whose capitol is in Alexandria, Egypt. She is scheduled to marry an American war hero, to cement an alliance between the two largest human nations, and create a big enough army so that the humans can destroy the vampires.
While on a goodwill mission to the frontier, she is captured by vampires who are headquartered in London. She is rescued by the mysterious Greyfriar, but then recaptured. I loved the depiction of the vampires as parasites, who create nothing,and keep humans bred like cattle to feed off of. (doesn't sound very nice, I know, but the world building was nicely done!)

Adele ultimately escapes to Scotland, where she meets a vampire who is not like the norm. I loved how they got to know each other, and start to see the others' point of view. It didn't come easily for either of them, but it seemed pretty realistic given their starting points.

I cannot wait to start reading the next book in the series.