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Dead on the Delta - Stacey Jay I'm with everyone else on this book. Our heroine Annabelle is not very likeable. She drinks too much and barely shows up to work at her dead end job. But I loved the world building, and the central mystery. In fact, I could have used more of the world building, more details on what led to the mutations that caused fairies to start eating humans, but maybe that is to come.

I was torn with the reintroduction of the old boyfriend, and the backstory there. And I really didn't care for her jumping into solving the crime (she's not a police officer, she's a fairy specimen collector). Given her inability to care for the people directly in her life, it seemed like she shouldn't have gone off into the investigation the way she did. And I also didn't see the end coming.

That being said, and the fact that I wanted to slap Annabelle sometimes, I was still up finishing the book in the wee hours of the morning, and I will definitely read the next one.