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Bayou Moon - Ilona Andrews I loved this book, the second in the Edge series, much more than the first, and in fact I almost didn't read it, but I am waiting for the next Kate Daniels book to come out, and needed something to fill my time. William, one of the main characters, was in the first book, "On the Edge", but I don't remember him much from that book, which I read awhile ago. In this book, he lives in the Broken (essentially our world) but is sent on a mission into the Edge, to a swampy place called the Mire, to retrieve something that his enemy, the Spider is also looking for. He meets up with Cerise, a woman who lives in the Mire, and is searching for her parents who have been kidnapped, by of all people the Spider.

I still get a bit confused by the different worlds here - the broken, the edge and the weird, but it's slowly coming together in my mind. I loved Cerise, who has taken on the mantle of running the family, now that her parents are gone. She is definitely a kick-ass heroine, but I really liked how she doesn't shy away from the really hard stuff she has to do.

William was a fun character for me. He is actually a changeling, who can change into a wolf, but was raised in a military orphanage. I liked how his thoughts were very wolf-like, especially when he was trying to figure out how to interact socially with others, in a human (not wolf) way. And I really enjoyed his references to popular culture, especially his Dora the Explorer reference!

I was also fascinated, and a little grossed out by Spiders band of enhanced minions, and also the concept of fusing. Definitely some intricate worldbuilding here. Can't wait for the next one!