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The Darkest Edge of Dawn - Kelly Gay I enjoyed this second installment in the Charlie Madigan series just as much as the first. It begins a couple of months after the events in The Better Part of Darkness. As a result of events in the previous book, Atlanta is now covered in day-long darkness.

The central mystery of this installment is that Adonai (natives of Elysia) are being killed, and Charlie and her partner Hank are attempting to solve it. The secondary characters from the first book reappear. She is still dealing with being a single mother to Emma, and all the ramifications of dealing with a pre-teen. She has Rex living with her, the revenant inhabiting her ex-husbands body, her sister is still addicted to Ash, and she's struggling with romantic feelings for Hank.

I love the writing and the world-building in this series. Charlie seems like a well-fleshed out person to me. Although she has the DNA of all 3 races in her (Elysian, Charbydon and Human) she still hasn't figured out how to really use all her potential super-powers. And that is actually good for me - if she truly was able to manifest all her powers, I don't think I would like her as much.

Can't wait for the next installment!