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Pale Demon - Kim Harrison I was absolutely ready to give this book 4 stars, until about the last 20 or so pages of the book, and I can't honestly say if it was the writing, or that it finally went in the direction that I wanted the series to go!

The first half of the book was the great cross-country American Road trip, showing how the quintessential dysfunctional American family gets along. And that's really what Rachel's friends are, her family. We have Jenks, and Ivy, Trent, Pierce, and Vivian from the coven. We don't have Al, but he does come into the story later. Trent really got on my nerves here, and I wanted Rachel to just get rid of him. But then Rachel also got on my nerves, because she appears to be, almost too moral. People are constantly taking potshots at her, going back on their word, and basically either trying to kill her or send her to the ever after. And she puts up with it. Someone tries to kill her, and when things turn against the would-be assasin, she starts helping them. This happens again, several times. It fits with all the rest of the books in the series, but that doesn't mean I like it.

But once they reach San Francisco, things really go bad, and I found this part actually way more interesting. I enjoyed Rachel's interaction with the demon world, and her ability to save the human/witch race, without getting any credit for it, once again. And as I said before, I really liked the ending.