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A Lady Out of Time - Caroline Hanson Enjoyed this book so much I stayed up until 2 am finishing it. Much like the author's Valerie Dearborn, series, I love the voice that the author uses. I find the characters engaging, as well as the story being told.

The story starts out, briefly in 2089, and in this timeline, Hitler won the war and the Germans are still in charge. The people of 2089 figure out that the reason he won, was because they found blueprints to a weapon, developed in the 1850's but lost until the 1940's. Our heroine goes back to Victorian England to destroy the plans.

I found that I really enjoyed the mc's struggles with getting along, as she saw it in truly primitive times (corsets, chamber pots, etc.) And I loved her interactions with her love interest.

When, oh when, will book 2 be out?