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Grave Memory (Alex Craft, #3) - Kalayna Price Excellent installment in the Alex Craft series, but I do have some nits to pick.

First the bad. I do not remember Alex being so reckless in her actions. She is not too stupid to live, but in this book it was really pointed out how she reacts, instead of trying to think things through. People actually died (okay its fiction!) because of this. Perhaps, she really shouldn't be a private detective, and she should stick to raising shades.
And as mentioned previously, she really does seem to be a love the one you're with kind of girl, and I don't like that.

But the good. I liked the story. She investigates suicides, which just don't add up. She learns a little more about her heritage. The difficulties that she and her friends are having with their interaction with faerie are interesting. The pacing of the book was rather slow for the first half, but I couldn't put it down for the second half. And the ending, which really ticked me off certainly makes me want to read the next book in the series right away.